Props & Prototyping

When it comes to creating a product, one of the fundamental parts of such is creating prototypes to test it out. We offer this service utilizing 3D printing, allowing innovators to utilize multiple physical prototypes without exorbitant cost.

Alongside prototyping, we also create many props from movies, video games, TV shows, and other media. We offer commissions for such, whether it be for a custom collectible you wish to display in your space, or accessories for your cosplay!

BD-1 Prop.jpg


This is a limited display of our collection of props & collectibles that we've created & printed over the years.
See more to access links for file downloads.

Image by Sigmund


We offer 2D & 3D visualization of your product and it's functionality, alongside
3D printing of such to see how it would function in the real world.



We offer 3D commissions so that clients may visualize, print, and utilize the file for whatever they wish. We offer custom designs, molds, & more.
Let's bring your idea to life!